Newborn Photographer Studio City

It is sometimes easy to forget that children and babies are just like us adults. We have these expectations that they will walk into a room, smile at everyone, listen to instructions and perform on demand. However, I don’t know about you – but I don’t always feel super secure and ready to be my best self when I go to a new place with people I have never met. As a newborn photographer at our Studio City portrait studio we always keep children’s feelings in mind when photographing them. We know that it can feel a little scary to wake up from the car ride nap in a new place with people really interested in getting to know you.

The little girl in this photo shoot came to us for her newborn baby pictures. She obviously didn’t have a memory of being at our studio at that young age.  Therefore, when she arrived for her brother’s photo session she needed a little warming up.  We like to first get everyone settled in to our green room when they arrive for their session. This way, people feel like they have their own space to feel relaxed in. We encourage them to hang up their clothes, throw their diaper bag down and then serve them coffee, tea or other drinks. We are also known for our fresh chocolate chip cookies that we pick up fresh for clients. Once people have gotten a bit of a breather from the stress of getting to their appointment on time, then we’ll get started talking about taking pictures. Sometimes the babies need to eat before their pictures, and then we’ll give a family even more time to settle in before taking them out to our shooting space for photos.

This little girl started off hanging close to mom and dad and only barely making eye contact. So, after giving her some space and time to take in the new environment – we made friends by first offering a cookie. Next, we peaked her interest with some toys and then drew her into the shooting space with little games and stickers. She really started to come out of her shell (with a close eye on dad , who was hanging out with us as well) once we started singing her little songs in addition to games. Fast forward 10 minutes and she was running around the studio, poking us for attention and having the time of her life!

It is important to respect children and remember that they have the same nervous feelings about new things that we adults do. This is why our professional photography team works with each family to ensure that everyone is feeling comfortable so that they can be their best selves in their portraits.

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