I had photos taken of my son on a day when he was teething AND had skipped his morning nap. There were still amazing shots from the session, now that’s impressive!!
I have read the negative review in it’s dissertation length entirety. There is nothing about it that remotely resembles my experience and all I can think is, if you have the time and energy to write that kind of review, you have some issues and are probably going to create a negative experience for yourself where ever you go.
We were so impressed by the photos that we are having our son’s 1 year photos done there rather than the also quite wonderful studio that did my pregnancy and our newborn photos.
Erika was very aware of safety issues with my wobbly infant and great at getting a smile and coming up with ideas to make him more comfortable when he started to get grumpy. She was incredibly patient and again, we could not have been more thrilled with the product. The print and digital file prices were consistent with any professional photography we’ve had done. It’s not shutterfly or Target, and the talented people who take the time and effort to capture these precious images for you have to make a profit somewhere. This is increasingly challenging now that we all have computers and can print at home or very inexpensively online. In order to keep session rates low, I am fine paying a fair price for the digital files. Also, I find when I do have photos printed by the photographer they come out much nicer than ordering on line and printing at home.
I highly recommend The Pod and am so pleased to have found this studio!