I am thankful to be able to capture the important moments in peoples’ lives on a daily basis – however, meeting this fantastic couple and capturing their baby joy has definitely been a highlight of the month.  Their hilarious report between these two – joking, loving, poking fun at one another – just had us all laughing and having a blast the entire shoot. 

A little tip to those who will be in front of the camera for their portraits: have FUN with it! when you are having fun, I am having fun, and fun = inspiration.  When your photographer is inspired that is when the creative juices get flowing and true art is created.  Everyone is nervous in front of the camera (especially me!) but you have to have trust in your photographer, and trust that they are capturing you from your best angle, picking flattering lighting, and then just let go and be yourself so that your photographer can capture it!

Anyhow, this lovely couple is soon moving from their Santa Monica home, so they wanted their maternity session to take place in the neighborhoods they have been frequenting for the past few years.  So, we made our way from their home, through Main St. and then down to the beach.  I was having so much fun that we go the ocean with only about 10 minutes to shoot – but we got  all the photos that we came for!