The Annual Abbot Kinney Festival is a big deal down here in Venice.  Over 100,000 people come out, Abbot Kinney Blvd. is closed off to traffic and vendors set up booths… good times!  This was our first time participating in the festival, and somehow Scott convinced the organizers that they should donate a booth to The Pod Photography in the kids section (a $500 value!) so that we were the “official” Abbot Kinney Festival photographers.  So, we decided to create a mini studio as our booth, charge a sitting fee and donate 100% of the sitting fee and 20% of all print sales to Inside Out Community Arts – the charity that helped organize the festival.  At the end of the day we shot 27 sessions and had so much fun hanging out with all the kids, meeting the local parents and raising money to empower youths through the arts.  However, Erika probably had the most fun since the booth was close to the petting zoo and she couldn’t get over how cute the itsy bitsy baby piggies were!  Here are a couple of our favorite clients from the day: