The “A Taste of Abbot Kinney – An Urban Adventure” completely sold out in pre-sale!  Here’s a rundown about it: $60 per person and you get to walk from one end of Abbot Kinney to the other stopping in at restaurants for special dish and drink tastings, and then all the participating stores offered discounts to ticket holders.  We thought it would be fun to build a special set and offer free sessions to ticket holders while Scott played guitar.  What we didn’t know was that for the 5 hours of the event Erika would be shooting non-stop, with a line of people waiting their turn!  We knew there would be a big turnout, but never imagined that we would be this popular!  We even had an x-Melrose Place star come by to have her son photographed!  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and I hear that the restaurants were being very generous with their pours… hmmmm… is that why everyone is so happy in their photos?! Thank you to everyone who came out to support our little community!

P.S. Can you spot Bella in the pics? Poor Bella was pooped at the end of the day because so many people asked her to pose with them!