“How do you get two babies to not smile? Apparently you dress them up in incredibly cute outfits and then put them on a funny little set and try to take their photos!  All joking aside – babies are tough at this age (I think the twins are 3-4 months old here) because they can’t quite sit up or hold their heads up yet and they don’t usually smile unless they are being touched.  We always recommend that parents bring their babies for portraits at newborn, six months (sitting up and in the cute, pudgy baby phase), and 9-12 months (bubbly toddler phase) to capture all their different phases in the first year.  Jane and Claire are members at the studio so it’s fun to just see them and document their growth – but had this been their only photo shoot I would have recommended that the parents wait until the girls are sitting up and can interact and smile more.  We sure do love it when these girls come in for their photos though!