Twirls & Twigs is an amazing clothing company headed by ultra talented designer and mom Shawna Dalton.  I think the count for little models was 34 for the day – so you can imagine the chaos of all the kids, their parents, the friends of the parents…. everyone at the studio all at the same time!  Shawna had an amazing team helping her out and, belive it or not, we got all 100 or so different outfits on the kids, shot, and on three different sets all in under 4 hours.  All the kids were so incredibly cute and it was fun to see how each of their different personalities performed under pressure (there were literally no less than 20 people watching me shoot, and there were kids walking into the shots or who’d decide to sit right on the part of the set where we were shooting.)  Thanks to all the great models for an amazing shoot with amazing shots!

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