Sebastian’s Momma very kindly gave us a review on Yelp – Check it out!


“Can I give Erika and Kira 10 stars?!?! Oh my gosh. My son’s photos are absolutely amazing!! Erika was sooo patient with my non cooperative 19-month old. We have so many good shots to choose from and I love that we can buy the digital files too. I am so impressed with them that I am letting all of my friends and family know about The Pod Photography. Thank you Yelp!!”

 If you have ever met a 19 month old boy – you know that Sebastian didn’t sit down for even a minute during his session!  He ran from set to set, giggling and being sneaky the whole time.  Dad jumped around saying funny things, Mom followed him with hair gel to keep his hair tidy, and Kira and tickled him with stuffed animals…. and then there was me, just keeping everything in focus while I laughed at the amusing chaos. 

It is funny: one of the first things we do when clients arrive is to offer them water, tea, coffee – and very few people actually accept.  About 10 minutes into the session – everyone accepts 🙂  Photographing kids is an incredibly fun challenge that I feel privileged to call my “job.”  I am often asked how I have the patience for photographing kids – and the truth is I have the patience because I let them be themselves and I know that a newborn baby will cry and need to be fed 5 times during a session, that a toddler will want to run around and explore, and that a teenager was probably dragged kicking and screaming to my studio.  Kids are kids – and I believe in letting them be exactly that.  I dont’ belive in saying “cheese” to a child, and belive that the pouty, funny and silly faces unique to each person is what makes a great photo.  Of course I always try my best to get that picture perfect, hang-on Grandma’s-wall photo – but the truth is that parents usually cherish the funny faces more than the smiles, since you can look back on that photo in 10 years and smile remembering that fleeting phase. Life is so precious and every stage of one’s life should be cherished. Ok, enough cheesiness – here are the photos 🙂