Little Samantha comes to us every three months for her portraits – and each time I tell her Mama how lucky she is that Samantha has such a sweet disposition.  The day of her session, Samantha’s Mama warned me that Samantha was in a “mood” …. that mood, as it turned out, was a giggly, cooperative little one who constantly waved her hand at me and said “hi” (she’d just discovered that a few days earlier.)   Ge’ez, some Mom’s have all the luck!  Every time we’ve seen Samantha she’s chill, fun and in a good mood – she also had this hilarious raspy little laugh that cracks the whole room up.  When her mom was here for the viewing session Samantha sat in her stroller eating cheerios the whole time looking at her photos on the screen and laughing every once in a while.  Needless to say, the viewing session was a blast 🙂