Claire Fontaine is one of the few bio-lingual schools in L.A. for children.  They have both a beautiful campus in Venice and beautiful teaching philosophy that nurtures childrens’ creativity.  We set up a photo booth at their Summer fundraiser – and it was one of the most fun events we have ever had!  I set up the booth and the kids were so intrigued by everything I was doing – asking a million questions like “is this real grass?” “why are you putting fake grass here?”, “can I smell the grass to see if it smells real” ,”do dogs like fake grass?” and about 5 million other questions about the grass!  I wanted to start taking pictures of the kids once the party officially started at 7pm and the parents arrived – but the kids were so eager and begging me to take their photos that I had no choice but to get it started!  I was there without an assistant so I couldn’t take this behind the scenes shot – but I really wanted to: at least 15-20 kids were all sitting on the steps next to the photo booth all waiting their turn.  I’d say “ok, who wants to go next?!” and a few hands would fly up and I’d pick the next kid to be photographed.  I could not belive how patiently they were all waiting – although one little girl did start to cry because she wanted to be next and I didn’t pick her.  I felt horrible and made sure that she was rushed to the front of the line!  Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night asking the adults next to the kids I’d photographed “Um, is this your child?” so that I could get their email address so that they could view their kid’s photos online.  We are proud to say that over $600 were raised by the photo booth and we were more than happy to donate so such a fantastic school!