One of the gorgeous sets we have up at the studio right now is our “grass and sky garden” set – and the Greene kids posed and rolled around it during their session.  Since they booked a one hour session, we shot on a few of the sets at the studio and then hopped over to the park to finished off the session at a real park.  We have worked incredibly hard to create sets that photograph as naturally as possible and to use props that feel natural and not forced in photographs.  Looking at the “garden” photos in studio and then the photos we took at the park at the end of their session – I actually prefer the light quality of the photos taken in the studio.  Again, I bust my buns to create amazing light, and to mimic natural light – so am very proud of the results we create in our studio!  I actually got a phone call last week from a mom who wanted a set of giant crayons and stuffed animals – I had to tell her that, I apologize, but we were not the studio for her – we are not a traditional studio, we are not a Sears studio: we are artists who are pushing the envelope and creating a new style and philosophy of portrait photography.  We are not for everyone, and that’s just the way we like it 🙂