Right after walking up and introducing myself to this lovely young couple – I literally said “I am feeling super inspired today – are you guys ready to have a great time and walk all over the place?!” – luckily for both of us they were totally up for it, wearing comfortable shoes and had the loving connection, jovial spirits and good looks to back it all up!  We were walking to all the fun little spots by the beach that I love… and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the ice cream truck and I could just picture the amazing shots we could get with it in the background.  My pregnant subject told me that during her pregnancy she’d been craving ice cream – to the truck was perfect!  Luckily hubby had a few dollars on him and we bought one popsicle and very politely asked if we could take some photos with the ice cream truck.  The ice cream guy very creepily replied “only if I can see her belly” and she very good-naturedly gave him a quick belly flash.  Super creepy – but the photos were worth it!  One of my absolute favorite things to photograph are pregnant couples who are incredibly in love and excited about their  soon-to-be-addition (this Papa jumped up and down with excitement as he told me that they were having a girl!) there is nothing like capturing that energy and love.  I feel so blessed that I’m able to meet and become part of the lives of such fantastic families!