Toddlers are tough.  

Any way you want to cut it toddlers are a tough age to photograph – they want to run, jump, scream, get distracted, and they don’t want to be told what to do.  This little lady was no exception!  She was so excited by the kitty, her princess chair, her snacks, the flowers, the swing, running in every direction, everything all at once – which made it a little bit tough to get her to stay still enough for us to capture a family portrait.  About half an hour into the shoot – this little lady walked up to me and said “Go hom!” Of course her parents were mortified – but I thought it was hilarious! It’s no wonder that she wants me to go home – because of me she was being forced to sit still when she had so many more important things to do!  We captured some beautiful images of the family… but man did I have to work for it 🙂