This Summer’s Seasonal has brought Leah’s – our Family and kids photographer – childhood memories right back to life.  She remembers spending her summers in Michigan with her best friend, and one of their favorite activities was making and selling lemonade to her neighbors.  I, Erika, also remember harvesting our backyard lemon trees here in Culver City and we had baskets full – so what else can you do with lemons but make lemonade!  I too, sold lemonade with my best friend… 

We know that not every child here in Los Angeles has the opportunity, nor the entrepreneurial spirit, to get out there and hustle lemonade – so we wanted to create a little make-believe story set for them!

Photos on the Summer Set are $65 per child and include a 20 minute session, two 5×7 prints and an online viewing gallery.  The Summer Set will be available June – August 2012.

We took the set out for a spin before it lands here at the studio, and we used little girl models from Ford models. The stand and all the props will be at the studio and available to kids during their session.  Here are the photos: