To say that we fell in love with this family is, well, a bit of an understatement! Their 10 year old son is on a baseball team and I loved when they called us on a Tuesday to apologize for not calling us back – because they had been celebrating winning an all star game all weekend.  There is just so much obvious love in this family – and capturing the chemistry between husband and wife was a thrill… there were just so many moments of tenderness, warmth and giddiness throughout our shoot it was infectious!  I typically shoot between 200 – 300 photos for an in studio and then beach shoot…. but I shot about 500 with this family since we were having so much fun!  Their son is hilarious because he has that moody pre-teen “ew I don’t want to kiss mom’s belly” but at same time that fantastic free spirited childishness that prompted him to bust out dance moves sporadically throughout the shoot and viewing session!