Ok, everyone  – I’m going to start off by saying that this is a totally self-indulgent, bragging post…. disclaimer given, read at your own risk!

I photograph gorgeous kids and families with fantastic personalities every day (how lucky am I?!!) and we fall in love with the kids we meet here at the studio daily. Buttttt, when my niece and nephew came to visit me from Hawaii and I met my little 5 month old niece for the first time and saw my nephew again after almost two years I feel just SOOOO in love with them!  I am incredibly grateful to have a gift that I could share with them to re-pay them for the joy these two little ones have brought to my life…. and they dropped by the studio for a quick session.  Baby Eva is always such a ball of joy and light, and I think we really captured her sweet little disposition in the photos.  Adam is a bit of a shy guy, but once you get him going he will tell you stories and just laugh and laugh!  My dad dropped by unexpectedly,m and I somehow had to pull my hair out of a bun, and try to look presentable for some family photos of my own, even though we were booked solid with clients that day and I had zero intention of being in front of the camera.

Here are the photos of my lovely, fantastic, spirited little niece and nephew – thank you for letting me be a bragging, proud Auntie!