Happy Holidays everyone! Sorry we haven’t been blogging so much, it is major crunch time at the studio and we are buuusssyyyyy!

The three of us over here at The Pod Photography are always thinking about how to create a better client experience, more unique photos, come up with exceptional props and sets… and for the past year an a half since we moved to our new Culver City studio, we’ve spent all of our time looking inward at the studio and what we can do for clients inside.  However, after hearing a few too many “wow, I drive by here all the time and never noticed you guys! It is so nice in here!” we decided that it was finally time to shift a little of our focus outward to the studio’s facade.

There were endless brainstorms, several lunches dining at the Thai restaurant across the street with a sketch pad looking back at our studio, and then the fateful day my husband said “What if you didn’t put your logo on the front of the building?!” and wallah!

We’ve frosted our front windows for added privacy, stuck a seven foot camera decal on it, painted the building The Pod logo’s blue, had a new planter installed to add a pop of color, and then had the wonderful Sign Goddess design and paint our new sign.  Funny thing, I had been agonizing over the shape of the sign for weeks when I saw the new frames that our frame company started offering, and as soon as I saw the shape of the frame, I knew that was exactly the shape I wanted!  The new boutique shaped frames are so so cool, and have been getting quite a bit of attention since we started selling them a few weeks ago.

Here’s a little before and after of our studio:

Studio Facad

Here’s the frame that inspired me: