Have you purchased a DSLR camera in the hopes of taking great photos of your kids, but feel overwhelmed and frustrated when you try to use it! Here’s the answer for you!! This one-day beginners class taught by Erika of The Pod Photography will teach you everything you need to know in order to get up and running with your camera and finally capture some great shots of your kids! You will learn with hands-on instruction to see the best light in every situation, finally be able to take your camera out of “auto” and then participate in two live-model photo shoots both at the studio and on-location. Catered lunch included, $350 per student.  Call The Pod Photography at 310-391-4500 to enroll.


About Erika

Erika Seress has been a successful portrait photographer for almost a decade, building her studio and clientele into one of the largest family portrait studios in Los Angeles.  She is best known for her unique, colorful, natural-light style paired with modern-vintage props and themes.  Author of “The Parents’ Pocket Guide for Taking Pictures,” Erika shares her knowledge to give parents a crash course in using their camera, with easy instructions on seeing the best light in any situation, posing and storytelling techniques. Her photography landed her an appearance on the Oprah show, and Daily Candy wrote a feature article about her talent for putting unpredictable subjects “in an authentically smiley mood.” Erika’s studio, The Pod Photography, continues to receive acclaim and has been awarded Best Photographer in Culver City every year since its opening.