Erika has been working on her how-to book for parents for the past two years now, and it is finally here! Prompted by dozens of questions from clients about how to get those cool blurry backgrounds, fix blurry and dark images and overall just take  better photos of their kids – the book was born.


The Parent’s Pocket Guide: Taking Kids and Family Photos


Start taking amazing photos now! This practical, portable, guide-book is filled with straightforward, targeted information to get you taking great photos of your kids and family in no time. Unlock the secrets to artistic blurry backgrounds, beautiful natural lighting, and eliminate those out of focus, dark, missed moment photos.


You will learn essential camera settings and definitions without all the technical jargon, get access to “cheat sheets” that help you set your camera and finally take it off Auto, and learn great lighting, posing and storytelling techniques that will improve your creative and portrait skills when using any type of camera.


Unlike those fancy coffee table books and difficult to understand manuals, this pocket sized book is meant to be read once then kept easily accessible so you can reference the tips, troubleshoot, and always be ready to take fantastic photos on the fly!


Written by award winning photographer Erika Seress of The Pod Photography, this guide puts her decade of experience in your pocket.


Get your book on Amazon HERE


Here’s Erika opening the shipment of books for the first time 🙂