As many of you know, my beloved little Pug Bella passed away on November 20, 2013.  She was my sweet little daughter who came to the studio everyday and with whom I spent 24 hours a day with.  Because she was paralyzed that last year or so of her life, she was incredibly dependent on my husband and I, and we in turn became very dependent on her.  Every day I miss snuggling that little dog in my lap and listening to her loud snorts.

Since Bella was the most requested prop at the studio and so many of you loved to see her at the studio – I thought I would get some opinions on our next shop dog.  I have always known that another dog would be near in our future, but a couple of weeks ago when Scott (my husband) and I were in Monterey for a golf tournament I was doing a little shopping and walked into a cute little clothing boutique.  I heard the little shake of a dog collar behind the register and I just could not help walking straight over there and peeking over to see who was making the noise.  I looked down at one of the cutest little dogs that I ave ever seen… it was a smooth coat Brussel Griffon. Here she is, there was also a Pug at the shop.

So I am learning that these dogs are a breed within a breed.  Here are what the “regular” Brussels Griffon’s look like plus a stock photo of a smooth coat:

I’m not such a fan of the longer haired bushy beard Griffons – but LOVE their squished faces that are not squished as much as a pug’s.  The last two years or so Scott and I have slept with earplugs because Bella kept us up with her loud snoring!

So what do you think?  Does anyone know about the temperament of this breed? Do you think a Brussels Griffon will make a good shop dog? I’ve been searching online for a breeder, but so far no smooth coats!