As most of you know, us gals at The Pod Photography live, eat and breath The Pod Photography. This studio is our absolute passion – and sometimes that passion consumes me a bit on the obsessive side. Sometimes I go on shopping binges for headbands, throw myself into re-decorating the studio (photos of the new viewing room coming soon) or pour over photography resource websites. I love this studio and our clients!! Anyhow, this morning at 5:30am after dreaming all night about studio management software I decided to wake up and continue the research that I’ve been doing for the past weeks.  Last year we photographed over 400 clients, and it is becoming more and more clear that keeping everyone’s information all in one place in a neat and tidy complete studio management workflow system is a necessity.   I’ve also recently become obsessed with the idea of going paperless… so this morning after two rounds of espresso I got my search down to the top two contenders then decided to come in to work early.

Anyhow, the point of all this is that there was an incredibly cool sunset this morning over the Culver City mountains, and I hopped up onto our roof to take a quick snapshot.