When this Pod Mom stood in front of my camera – I could swear that she was a professional model. I’m sure that she was feeling tired and achy – but in every photo  she has a radiant smile and looks stunning! She has an incredible knack for being present during the photo shoot and allowing the emotions and loving relationship with her hubby shine through. She had so much fun with the silly little things I asked her to do like dance with her hubby in the middle of a filed, twirl with her dress and cuddle her man. The resulting, storytelling images are just amazing and so precious to this new family.

The very best piece of advice I can offer anyone worried about their own maternity photo session is to be present. If you are obsessively worried about your hair, whether your arm looks fat, if your chin is in the right place, or the fact that someone has a huge lens pointed at you – then your photos will not be able to capture your true authentic self.  Let yourself have fun with the partner you are posing with, let those silly quirks show through, have fun and trust in your photographer. We can always re-touch those fly-away hairs, but it is sure hard to Photoshop in a genuine smile.