One of my passions in life – of which I have many – is decorating.  It makes me chuckle when clients say “every time I’m in here there is something new…” and the truth is that the studio is an ever evolving art piece.  I love beautifying, making the studio more client-comfy and I just have visions in my mind that I need to bring to life!

The vision for the editing room was brought about first by my wanting to paint the walls white and then I was inspired by some peacock feathers that my mother in law gave me. We also wanted a new luxurious, comfy couch that I ended up having custom made by Monarch sofas (OMG can you imagine how much I loved picking the fabric, seat depth and style?!) down to the last detail.

I went with the colors white (to showcase all of the art pieces on the walls) a nice gray neutralizing couch, and then accents of peacock blue and green. No renovation is complete without installing new lighting, and so I ordered two beautiful chandeliers to complement the metal in the end table and coffee table.

Oddly enough I discovered a new passion during this process, which is white porcelain figurines.  Two of them made it into the editing room “Mart Sandi” the owl and just plain “horse” but Fred the rhino is in the bathroom and Victoria the Victorian bust is in the production area. Oh, yes, another passion I have is for naming things 🙂  I just don’t know what it is about these art pieces, I just LOVE them!!

Leave a comment to let us know what you think of the transformation 🙂

The editing room before:

Studio - 011

The New editing room: