..a complete stranger reaches out to you to tell you how awesome you are!?  We certainly do!  This sweet email from Ciera, a photographer in Houston, made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It was a good reminder of how hard we work to find the very best products out there.  We love our Pod Family, and it’s important to us that they love the products and memories that we create for them.



First off, y’all are amazing! I love your studio and your style, its awesome. I am a photographer in Houston and was just wondering how y’all market being different and also who you use for your awesome unique products? I saw the necklaces with the pictures inside and such and wanted to offer that to my clients as well. I was wondering if there is another company out there that I should look into for those kind of specialty products.  If you want to keep that to yourself, no worries, just thought I’d ask.

Thanks so much, have a great day!

Ciera Kizerian





Thanks, Ciera!  You made our day!  🙂