Leah’s parents came to visit us from Michigan a few weeks ago and the first thing they said was “what can we help with?!” It took me a while to accept that they really meant it and would be pleased to have a renovation project hijack their vacation. You see, when we moved into our studio three years ago it had a semi finished ceiling, and we always wanted to finish it – it just kinda kept slipping to the bottom of the list of our priorities. However, with the help of Leah’s expert step dad we finally felt empowered to tackle the ceiling beast! It took us 3 days, about 30 sheets of bead-board and countless pieces of trim – but our beautiful new ceiling is installed! Since we were at it, we ran some wire and installed two new chandeliers as well. Erika and Leah were up on the ladder helping out (Natalie was conveniently out of town) and special thanks to Erika’s hubby and our handyman Fred for helping out. We can not thank you enough Brad & Holly for the gift of your help!