Sundays are my days off, and as much as I’d love to clean my house, do laundry and just veg out at home on those days – I’m lucky enough to have people who want to hang out with me. I have 3 brothers and 9 nieces and nephews ranging in age from 1 year to 18 years old, and every other Sunday we all get together for a big family BBQ at one of our homes (minus one of my brother and his wife and baby who live in Hawaii.)   Yesterday was my father’s turn, and we all got together to celebrate my stepmother’s birthday.  I love love love to bake, and whenever I have the opportunity to bake a cake or cookies I run with it.  I think that chocolate chip cookies and brownies are prettymuch the greatest things ever invented – so my inspiration for this cake was a mixture of the two: two layers of brownie with a layer of chocolate and another layer of vanilla frosting all topped with a giant chocolate chip cookie.  I also decorated the bottom with a layer of white frosting with chocolate chips as a little funny play on a “chocolate chip ice cream cookie.” I have hoping that the cake would be well received – but I could not anticipate the excitement and pushing to get at the front of the cake line that ensued when I finally revealed the cake!  It made me so happy to create something that brought such joy to my family 🙂 

After family time, Scott and I headed to the Greek Theather for a Steve Miller Band concert.  We had a blast singing along and rocking out!  It is such an amazing experience, one that moves me each time it happens, when thousands of people jump to their feet because they are so inspired to dance – and then to jump in an join in and be one with the mass.  Music is such a powerful, unifying force!

And now it’s

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Monday afternoon and – after a long morning shoot – I’m being back in the studio and doing what I love…. don’t ask me if the laundry got done though!