Yes, it seems that couples like to come to us when they have a silly idea for a wedding invitation or save the date – and Dani & Brian are continuing the tradition.  Brian and Dani are both part-time model-actors and thought that it would be funny to parody themselves since they are both from the midwest and will be getting married in Montana.  The back is of their ultra L.A. selves and then the back of the card is their silly cowboy selves.  I did all the re-touching and adding in of paparazzi myself – if you look closely you’ll see that those sneaky paparazzi are Sabrina and I plus the couple. Oh right…. I almost forgot about the big bouncer! SO, we shot this “L.A.” side with just the couple, and then we were lamenting that we didn’t have a burly bouncer dude to complete the photo and take it to a new level of awesomeness – that is, untill I heard the laughing that is the soundtrack to my studio: the guys at the BBQ shop across the street.  These guys literally sit outside all day with friends coming by all the time, talking and laughing just non-stop.  When I first moved in they kind of annoyed me because when the owner of the shop laughs then it is so loud that you literally want to look over your shoulder because it sounds like he’s right next to you.  However, I realized that this is the happiest man on the planet – he loves life, loves talking to people and had more fun in one day than I probably have in an entire month.  He makes me smile now….