I saw this article on http://Tightbodwithapod.com and thought it was an interesting one to share with our readers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this stamp of time is by far the best keepsake a mom could have.  We sat down with professional photographer Trina Roberts, who shared her tips for getting your next family portrait to turn out great!

What is the best time of the year for taking family portraits?

Late spring/summer are my favorite times.  Natural lighting is the best to work with, so a slightly overcast day and the last hours of light on a sunny day are ideal.   Dwindling daylight in the summertime is golden, and can add an element of back lighting.

What is the best location?

My favorite place to shoot is in a client’s home. The home is where we raise our kids; where they play and grow and feel safe and happy.  Also, pick a time when your baby is able to sit up; it makes for a more interesting image and provides for more location options.

Clothing and style – Are there Dos and Don’ts?

Pick soft uncomplicated clothing. Avoid black and patterns, it’s best when everyone expresses their own style and sensibility. I LOVE little girls in dresses. Make it fun – use costumes, PJs, or something personal to the family.  

What is a normal sitting fee these days?

Today a normal sitting fee ranges between $250-$1000, and this would vary depending on film vs digital, prints included, files included, studio vs location, time, and of course their name and experience.

What should one look for when picking a photographer?

Choose a photography style that suits your family. Are you traditional? Are you modern? Are you silly?  When you are looking at samples of work and say “oh I love that image” you are pretty close to making a choice.  Chat with the photographer and get a feel for the person you are going to introduce your kids to – Are they accommodating, patient, nice, fun?  Don’t settle!


Tips for setting up your own shoot:

Try a fun day-in-the-life shoot with your kids. Get your camera ready
and shoot throughout an entire day; from when they wake up until bedtime.

Let your kids choose locations, wardrobe and props.

Get at their eye level with the lens.

Create a birthday book which has a photo of your child each year on their birthday. It’s fun to see the changes year to year!