So here is a little bit about me (Erika) – I have 3 brothers (I’m the youngest!) and 9 nieces and nephews… some by blood, others by marriage – we are a true Modern Family ( I LOVE that show, by the way!)  In October I went to Hawaii to visit my brother and his wife who live there along with Adam – who is almost two years old.  While there, I took a fancy pants camera (contrary to what people may think – I do not lug around my big, professional cameras when I am “off duty” – I have a sweet little Canon s90 point and shoot camera that I keep with me at all times and use that on vacations.)  Ok, so – I took a big camera  – a Nikon D700 and my 85mm 1.4 Nikon lens so that I could take some photos of Adam while I was there.  Adam has had professional photos – but I just don’t think a child can be documented enough – especially in their first year when they are changing daily.  As a surprise Christmas present for my brother, I designed an accordion album of Adam’s photos (one of our top sellers here at the studio – it’s a little 3 inch square book the stretches out like an accordion to fit 12 photos.  They come with a litle slip cover so that when grandma takes them with her in her purse the book is protected.)   Editing down to the top 12 photo from the 75 or so that I had shot was pure agony since EVERY shot was incredibly cute, unique and showed a different expression.  However, I got it down to 12 – and here is his album: