Innovative Baby is a kids clothing and products store in Marina del Ray – and a place that every mom needs to know about.  They have all the most innovative kids products and awesome must have cool items (such as the baby stroller with attached skateboard so that older kids can tag along for a ride too!) Last Friday they were kind enough to let us host a Free Photo Session Event at the store and within a couple of days we were fully booked with appointments.  So, we took the Spring Garden Set on the road and spend the day taking photos, blowing bubbles and having multiple dance sessions with the kids.  Yes, that is my new favorite thing to do – when a kid is being particularly difficult and the time-tested “Peek-a-boo” and other silly stuff isn’t working, I crank up the music and we just dance it out.  Works like a charm 🙂

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day plus some fun, behind the scenes shots from the day. I think Katie (our new Production Assistant) did a great job capturing what it is really like on the set – Mom standing behind me excitedly trying to get the kids to smile, dad sitting close to a newborn to make sure she doesn’t topple over, and me sitting in the middle of the set showing the kids where I’d like them to sit.  We have a blast but – MAN can it be hard work sometimes!