Believe it or not, it was sprinkling and freezing during this photo session! When driving over to Temescal canyon for the shoot the rain was coming down pretty hard and Natalie (who tagged along to assist me with the kiddos) and I were looking at each other wondering how this shoot would go. Luckily the tree-covering at the park was thick enough to shield us from most of the rain and keeping the girls animated and running around kept them as warm as possible.  I’m not gonna lie though, there were a couple of breakdowns during the shoot and maybe one or two “I’m so cooolllldddd”s but luckily this family is a group of pros who have been in front of my camera several times and the photos turned out gorgeously!

We love shooting in the Pacific Palisades, which is just a 15 minute drive to our studio. This lovely family showcases why this is such a fantastic location for candid, fun, family photographs.