One of the things I always like to ask my maternity clients is “who are you?” Sounds like a silly question, as well as one that takes most people aback a bit…. but it is so important!  I always like to imagine that in ten years their baby is looking at those photos for answers to who their parents were  before they were born.  I always encourage maternity clients to bring something personal or to wear an outfit that is iconicly “them.”  I remember getting dressed up for my DMV photo after I got married in 2012 and thinking so deeply about who this new person is.  I opted for a blue collared button-down shirt, the necklace my in-laws had given me to welcome me into their family and had my hair down. Of course all that preparation was for naught because the lovely photographer cropped the photo right below my chin and you can’t see any of my outfit…. but I know that I’m wearing it.

Back on topic: you absolutely can tell who this couple is and what their personalities are by their outfits, the salsa dancing I made them do in the alley. We loved her old Hollywood style, sassy bangs and outrageously high heels.  She rocked it!!

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