This little two year old soon-to-be big sister was one of the smartest little ladies to come through the studio.  Stella’s personality is very typical to her age: always being on the move, wanting to do everything herself and just  generally in her “no” phase, so as you can imagine she was not the easiest of subjects. However we are very well aware of the toddler phase and have learned little tricks (plus a whole lot of patience!) to get them to do what we need for photos.  Stella performed great – especially with her gorgeous angel images with her mama… but as with all two year old, she reached her limit right at the end of the location part of our shoot and started to cry out of frustration. Realizing that she was done we all piled into the car and headed back to the studio – we’d captured a ton  of amazing image pre-upset so we were all good.  We are all kinda tired and riding back in near silence when Stella, still a few tears rolling from her eyes, sadly says “Poor Stella!” and gives a big sigh. Wow – such an aware little smarty pants to empathize with her situation!