… with its family for a photo shoot, we all get very excited! ┬áNatalie has an Australian Shepherd named Axle, I’m kinda a dog fanatic (and actively searching for our next shop dog!) and Leah – we’ll, we won’t talk about the fact that she has two cats – loves dogs as well.

This big doggie has been coming to the studio for his family portraits for a few years now and each time it’s a challenge to come up with different poses from their last photo session. I always want Otis (the dog) to be a part of the photos, but not overtake the entire focus because of his size. We tried several different poses and then dad made everyone in the studio crack up when we picked Otis up and held him for the last family setup!

We love meeting families from neighboring Mar Visa, CA – and many of them come to our portrait studio for their family photographs.