Hi Y’all! I was just thinking the other day that our Pod fans might not know who I am since I mostly work behind the scenes. I’m Natalie 🙂 I do the retouching, designing, assisting with toddlers and newborns and make lots of tea for us ladies.

Just to tell Y’all a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Texas (if you can’t already tell) and moved to California about Three years ago. I’ve been married to the most wonderful husband for just about 4 years now but I’ve known him since I was 13. We have a dog that is our very fury child, Axel, named after Axel Foley from the critically acclaimed movie Beverly Hills Cop. Our current obsession is back country hiking and camping. This isn’t your ordinary camping. We hike on a trail for a few miles with 20lb packs, and camp at an existing site with no running water or restrooms. It’s a little intense 🙂 We have fallen in love with the parks and scenery here in California so much that we want to explore and see it all!

Retouching, designing and photography is my passion 🙂 I’ve been with The Pod for about 3 years now and I love it! Getting to play with kids, help with the sweetest newborns, and be creative all day is the greatest job and I get to do it all with the greatest ladies, Erika and Leah!

I hope to see you Pod fans soon!

Please enjoy some photos of various hiking trips that we have done throughout California.