Dads are so difficult to shop for! If your hubby is anything like mine, he’s already got everything – and whatever he does want he either buys for himself or he is super picky and wants to choose himself.  I have been wanting to buy my husband a nice watch for years now, but every time I try to pick his brain on the type he might like he says “don’t even try to pick out a watch for me, it’s too personal and specific.” Well then, I guess that saves me a pretty penny on a gift for him 🙂

But really, men feel the best when they are appreciated and shown love by the ones they love. I know that my hubby looks at me like an angel when I have dinner on the table, a bottle of wine open, and the promise of a back massage after dinner. Maybe it’s because I work late most nights or because I’m always so busy that my husband is so easy to please – but I really do believe that no man is happier than when you  you acknowledge him as a man and provider with some loving gesture.

So, we were thinking here at the studio about how we could help moms with exactly the same type of hubby that I have: the one who already has everything. The we came up with it – a loving Father’s Day film featuring his favorite people with a message of appreciation. There’s nothing that can bring a tear to his eye like a heartfelt message from his family 🙂

And that’s exactly what happened when this film’s lovely wife shower her hubby his video – he welled up with sentiment and teared up. This mom was planning to save the film as a father’s day gift, but once she saw it she says she couldn’t keep the secret and couldn’t wait to show him!

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