Hobbies are always a fun thing to incorporate into a newborn baby’s photo session.  At our studio that services the Santa Monica area, we love to listen to themes that we important to a family and custom create a set that showcases their lives.

The dad of this cute little boy is super into Lego. When this mom to be came to our studio for her session design she told me that dad was on the fence about doing the newborn pictures – and so we wanted to come up with a set that would be ultra special for him. Creating a box out of Legos and getting a cute Lego knit hat for the baby was the idea we came up with. I had dad bring lots of his Legos the day of the session so that we could build the box as well as spread them all over the ground for some above photos with the studio floor as the background.

Luckily, dad was crazy about the idea and was so happy the day of the photo session with the Lego and other sets that we created for his infant. My favorite set from the photo session was the moon prop set. This is such a fun, creative set that looks amazing when printed on canvas and hung in the baby’s room. This mom wanted a little bit of edgy colors and textures, so we used a black and silver backdrop with a little hot light shining on it to bring our the texture. Then, we paired it with a super cute black and gray striped elf hat.  I particularly love this hat because it is made of a stiff yarn and can stand up on its own if you want it to. He is such a cutie on this set!!

We would love to hear your ideas for your own newborn’s portraits. Check out our website and give us a call at 310-391-4500! We are just a quick 15 minute drive from Santa Monica, California.