One of the things that makes our Los Angeles portrait studio, The Pod Photography, really unique is that we pride ourselves on telling each family’s individual story. Sometimes that means shooting at a particular location where our couples met or had their first date; Or, in the case below, maybe it’s bringing something personal into the studio and tying it into the session, and even wearing a particular style of clothing that really showcases who you are.

For this cool Yogi couple and Baby Yeshua (or “Yes” for short), we had so much fun highlighting their personal style. Dad even brought in his four foot long dream-catcher along with some other Native American props to showcase his heritage – it was so cool with a little “Pod Glow” coming from behind to bring out all of those beautiful intricate details!

What’s even cooler about this is that when Baby Yes is older and looking back at the photo album we designed from this family photo session, it’s not just a bunch of pretty pictures – it’s more than that – it’s a story about where he came from and what his parents were like when he was so small. And having that little time capsule is something that is just priceless.

What’s your family’s story? Meet with your photographer and let us bring to life the story of who you are in your portraits. Call us at 310-391-4500 to schedule your consultation at our Los Angeles studio and begin planning your family photos!