Today we open our doors to the Pod Photography’s second studio.  The Venice studio is a gorgeous indoor outdoor studio and is perfect since we can photograph our clients both in natural light settings as well as in the studio using strobe lights.  The studio has a 900 ft. outdoor courtyard that we will be using to host special events & activities, private parties and all kinds of other fun things that inspire us.  Erika also creates cool out-door sets that are seasonal or just an idea that strikes Erika as a cool scene to photograph subjects in.

This blog is written by me, Erika – the lead photographer and creative director of The Pod Photography.  This studio is a deeply personal extension of who I am – and I have created a sign with the studio’s mission statement that hangs on the wall – 4 feet square- outside the studio.  Photography, Art, Events, Music, Showcase, Market, Studio.  I first created the concept of an art & event space in 2001 but it has only fully come to life today in 2009.  The mission is this: create beautiful, quality, transformational photography for our clients, hold art exhibits and educate and empower youths through art, Events because the studio is available for private parties as well as parties that we host ourselves when showcasing art, music, fashion etc… which leads us into Music and Showcase – we at The Pod Photography like to share or “Showcase” cool, up-and-coming artist and other cutting-edge things with our friends & clients.  Market – the studio’s front courtyard is the home to the Abbot Kinney Flea market every Saturday and Sunday where a variety of artisans sell their work, and lastly Studio because this is a space for the creation of art – most specifically of my photography.

Here are some pictures of the studio: