These little boys sparked such excitement when they walked in the door for their photos because they have such amazing spirit and energy.  So here are the facts: Rhodes is 2 1/2 and is incredibly intelligent and energized – when he runs, his whole body throws itsself into it, when he laughs, his face can’t contain his exhuberance, when he answers a question his little fists shake in excitement as he says “I do!” Baby Nick is 6 months and is in the prime photo-taking adorable drooly, laughing baby phase – and he probably weighs as much as his big brother.  Sabrina especially, but I also have a super soft spot for what we affectionately call “chubby babies.”  We can’t get enough of “muffin tops” over a tutu or jean shorts, pudgy cheeks and chunky leggs. Now, about the session: as I said, Nick was just hte perfect subject from start to finish, never fussing and just hit us with non-stop wet smiles.  Rhodes, in all his excited cuteness was so excited by everything that he saw that he jsut could not sit still for more than a second at a time adn I found myself running arount the courtyard chasing him with an ultra shallow depth of field lens.  Everyone was exhausted by the session excepte of course Rhodes 🙂