It’s true that pregnant women feel differently about their bodies – women who would never dream of taking their clothes off suddenly yearn to show it all to document their bodies in a photograph.  I’m not sure how free Nina was with her body before becoming pregnant – but let me tell you, once we got to the beach she was determined to take it all of in the name of art.  Mind you, I wasn’t aware of this plan on the way to the beach – and since it was incredibly cold –   I’m not even sure that Nina had planned on it.  Either way – it came to our last shot of the day, the wind was threatening to knock us over, there was a gorgeous sunset – and suddenly the tulle prop we brough now became the only thing Nina was wearing!  She looked like a goddess walking and dancing with the wind, and I got a butt full of sand sitting on the wet beach to capture her from a unique angle.  The shots came out amazingly – and we ran back to the car as fast as we could and turned the heat on full blast.  Ah, the things we do for art!