We love love love newborn babies – and even more than newborns we love teeny tiny young newborns.  The parents might tell you otherwise – because Ava decided to go on a 30 minute feeding spree in the middle of the shoot – but Ava was a gem to photograph.  When in comes to newborns – we almost never photograph them older than 2 weeks of age since once the baby starts to become curious about her surroundings and realizes that she’s missing out on all the action by sleeping – it’s all over for us and the potential for newborn photos! Older newborns also want to be held and get pretty fussy when they realize that they are expected to lay on a beanbag and look cute while Mama stands a few feet away…. they just don’t understand why they aren’t being coddled.  For all these reasons, when Ava showed up for her session at 6 days old we were thrilled!  We’ve had as long as 4 hour newborn sessions (sorry other photographers, I know that is standard for many of you!)  with older babies, and knew that a baby as young as Ava would be easy.  We got all the looks we wanted, plus about 3 diaper changes and two feedings in about two hours.  By only looking at the photos it may look like babies sleep the entire length of their sessions, but that is soooo not the case: it’s a whole lot of cry, feed, shoot, pee, cry, shoot, poop, cry  feed, shoot … you get the picture! 

Two more things about this session (sorry – it was just such a fun one!) both sets of grandparents came to the shoot and were spectators weighing in on everything.  It was fun because during Ava’s lunch break I was pulling out all different props and getting their input on which we’d use, and just having fun being silly with them.  At one point one Grandpa started to help Debra because the background she was putting up was a tiny bit crooked and all the rest of the grandparents weighed in on “up” down “right” or left.  Sounds kinda boring in this re-cap but we all laughing hysterically about various things for half an hour!  Last thing and then I promise to stop: how gorgeous is that green grass set with the grass and flowers in the background?!  We just got that background and this was our first shoot with it – love it! 

So much excitement!