As many of you know, my hubby Scott is the VP of Sales for a video technology company (the total opposite of my artsy career!) and he travels a lot. Like, 2-4 days per week a lot. His company is headquartered in New York, and so he travels there the most.  We have been joking a little bit about his alter-New York life of taking the subway, eating a late night slice, his favorite hotels and just in general being a in a city so different from LA; and finally after months of his traveling I took off for the weekend to join him in New York.  It was a bit surreal as he guided me by hand saying “this is the coffee shop that I go to at 7am when I get into the city after my red eye flight,” “I walk along this street pulling my suitcase to walk to the office” and him pointing out favorite restaurants and “oh, remember when I told you about that client dinner – this is where it was…” He truly does have an alter-life on these trips, as I suppose I do as well when he is away. My LA single gal life holds no comparison to his jet setting one, since I’m a natural home-body and end up just working late or catching an early happy hour with girlfriends when he’s away. But, as everyone knows: distance makes the heart grow fonder – and boy do I love the jump-into-his-arms big hugs when he gets back!

Anyhow, on this trip we did all kids of fun stuff: we saw the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney, saw Jersey Boys on Broadway, walked the High Line, I took my very first NYC subway ride, and we walked and ate more pizza than I have in the past year! What a great trip and special gimps into Scott’s alter life 🙂