Creating custom wall art is one of my favorite things that we get to do at the studio!  Since many of our clients come to us with a vision for hanging their beautiful portraits in their home, we always ask about the wall colors and other accent colors that a client already has existing in their home. Then, we pick outfit colors and a background for their photos that complements their decor.  The last step int his process is deciding on which of the three wall art styles we offer they like the best.  Here is an example of a client who picked our hand painted frames style – which are beautiful wooden frames custom created for us by an amazing company in Alabama. This client’s wall art display was especially fun because their home was just being built when we did the photo shoot, and so the walls and room were designed around the bold accent colors they chose for their frames. 

Here’s how it works with our hand painted frames: First a client emails us photos of any walls they are thinking of decorating.  Second, We mock up different sizes, colors and groupings on those walls to help clients pick their favorite.  The third step is the most fun, which is where we customize the client’s favorite grouping with whatever paint colors they want for the interior and exterior of the frames, plus pick the trim and edge styles and select images. Once we have designed it in our software it looks almost exactly the way it will when it is actually created – which our clients love since ti takes all of the guess work and nervousness out of selecting frames.

For this particular client we mocked up ideas for three different locations in their home and after customizing the frames with bold orange, brown, blue an silver they ended up hanging the frames in their entry way. The first photo is of the actual frames hanging on the wall and the others are the mock ups we created with our design software.