…hiring a professional photographer!

It’s been seven years since my family has all been together at once to take a real family portrait. Being a photographer, I am always expected to have my camera with me whenever I travel back home to Michigan. This means when the family gets together it’s “Leah, throw that thing on a tripod and let’s take a family picture!” So there I am, trying to pose nine other people, figure out where I’m going to fit in the mix, set the timer, run into the shot, pose, smile, blink, re-shoot, run back to the camera, rinse and repeat.

So this year, for Christmas, all three of my siblings and I pitched in to get my parents a real family photo shoot! And we had such a blast! We hired a friend of mine who I met while working at the first portrait studio I ever worked for and she had just launched her new website: www.bremariephotography.com. I was so excited not only to see an old friend, but to be able to support her personal business as well. She captured some beautiful memories for my family that will be hanging on the wall of my parents’ home for years to come! Take a look at some of my favorites from the day: