This lovely couple is expecting twin boys – and they are just beyond excited about it! They are so excited that they picked Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes as their maternity photo session location and then booked a room so that they could spend the night an have a nice “stay-cation.” I loved this idea and was on board for their memorable experience!

In addition to being very fun and up-for-whatever people, I had an especially fun time with this couple because the husband is a semi-pro photographer. It is always an honor when photographers book us for their personal photos – but that does definitely up the stakes at the shoot and makes me stay on my toes! However, it can also be really fun collaborating with a photographer on their photos because they “get” what you are trying to do, see the light light in a similar way, and they are excited by the process. There was one point where were were shooting in the hotel room (I’ve only posted one of those in-room photos to respect their privacy) and the mama to be was  at a 3/4 turn to the window and I saw that the shadows on her face would look really lovely if they were a little lighter. I looked around the room for something white that could fill in her shadow by bouncing light onto her face and of course, a white pillow is perfect!! Normally, with a non-photographer couple I might ask them to help me, but I would definitely get some strange looks. But in this case I said “Don, would you please hold this pillow about 6 inches from her face” and instead of looking at me like I was crazy, he totally got it and was excited to be a part of the art!

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