If you haven’t noticed yet, one of this season’s hottest color combinations is pink and gold. We are seeing it everywhere! From birthday party color schemes, to home decor, and directly into our portrait sessions. The combination of these colors with bright neutral creams and ivory tones is simply stunning. We’re a little bit obsessed.

Miss Kami has been coming to see us for three years, and she is always such a little sweetheart. This year though, we were super excited to photograph mom and dad, and mom knew that she wanted to bring in some soft, feminine colors to the session. Kami’s pink and gold dress matched perfectly with our little princess tutu crown that we have here at the studio- and since Kami loves princesses, it was the perfect fit! For mom, we decided on a soft blush colored top and a sparkly gold headband. And for dad, a casual white button-down with a tiny bit of a gold in the detail to tie it all together.

Not sure what to wear for your family portraits? Here’s a few tips & tricks when dressing for your next session:

1. Neutral colors are timeless

If you want to bring in color, choose only one color to be your pop. One of my favorite ways to use color in a shoot is to have mom & dad in something ultra simple, and let the kids stand out in a color. You can tie that same color into your outfits as well with accessories or details just like mom & dad did in this shoot below.

2. Patterns vs. Textures

Just say no to busy patterns! Every now and again, there is an exception to this rule, but double-check with your photographer if you’re not sure about one of your outfit choices. Busy patterns can look adorable in real life, but can tend to “buzz” in photographs. Instead, go with textures. For example, lace detail or ruffles look gorgeous and add interesting details to your photographs.

3. Moms: Almost anything goes

Fitted or free-flowing dresses, a nice blouse, cardigans, you name it! Just wear what you feel amazing in. And only if you are very happy with your arms do we recommend wearing sleeveless tops. We all have a tendency to “squish” our arms against our bodies in photos and sometimes make them look a little heavier than they really are.

4. Dads: Wear a collared shirt

Whether you go with a casual polo or a button down, just stay away from scoop-neck tees. They just don’t photograph well.  🙂

5. Outfit changes.. do you really need them?

A lot of parents will come into their session design asking how many outfits they can have their child wear for their session, and one thing that I encourage is really thinking about the purpose for those outfit changes. Trust that your photographer is going to give you amazing variety and tell a beautiful harmonious story with your photos, regardless of how many outfit changes you have. At the very most, I recommend two. Babies and kids hate being changed, so sure, that multi-colored dress that grandma gave to you for your birthday may be beautiful, but what are you ever going to do with that photo? Give granny a 5×7 portrait of her grumpy granddaughter?

Just think about your reason for hiring a professional photographer before torturing your kid with multiple outfits changes. What colors, outfits, accessories, etc. will really tell your family’s story as well as be a timeless piece of artwork for your home? Just stick with the classics and you’ll never have that “what we were thinking wearing that?” Awkward Family Photos moment.