With the excitement of the Open Championship this past weekend – I thought I would blog this sweet little girl’s newborn photos from our recent shoot. As some of you know, my husband is a big golf nut. When we talk about names for our eventual little one, he always tries to sneak in “fairway,” “green” and other golf terms into the middle name. He even told me once, “honey, I don’t care if we have a girl or boy – as long as they play golf!” Therefore, through him, golf has become a part of my life as well. I still have not made it off the driving range, but our hotels on vacation are coincidentally always next to the best golf courses, I often wake up early on Saturday mornings to kiss my hubby goodbye before a round of golf – and I’ve already learned that The Masters and all the rituals around that special weekend is almost a religious experience for my husband. I’ll take the polite clapping of golf over the raucous cheering of football any day, and I admire my husband for his love and dedication to the game.

I also have the game to thank for introducing me to my husband. It was seven years ago that I met him for the first time, on a golf course. I was hired as the photographer by a golf magazine to spend the weekend in Palm Springs at Stone Eagle Golf Club to take the majority of photos for the new magazine. When I stepped out of my car, this tall blond and handsome Producer greeted me and, as my hubby likes to tell it, “the weekend got a little more interesting.” We got to know one another over that weekend, and then “coincidentally” Scott needed to be in Los Angeles the following weekend (since he was living in San Francisco at the time) and asked if he could come visit me. From there is was a whirlwind of long distance romance for a year, then an engagement and our wedding in 2012. I am thankful for a million reasons to have found this particular man: his family, how he makes me laugh every day, his encouragement of my career, the delicious meals he cooks… but I am also thankful for what he learned from golf and who has become as a result of those lessons. Golf is so much more than a game: it has taught him discipline, a love and awe of nature, humility in the face of failure, stillness, faith, and the drive to push through adversity – all teachings that have contributed to his business and personal success. Thank you golf for what you have given us!

With that, I’ll bring it back to this sweet girl’s photos. This dad was a fan of big golf and wanted to incorporate his passion into his little girl’s photos. Mom wanted neutral colors for the photos, but then we indulged dad with one bold pop of green with golf balls and a little Scottish hat.  View more of our newborn photos on our website.