When Deborah called us asking about family portraits, I knew by the connection we had over the phone that we would love her! She had mentioned that a friend of hers had been to us before and loved her experience, but I soon found out that she had heard about us from three different friends! With her being a nurse, and Dad a doctor, both working at UCLA Medical Center, we were thrilled that they were both able to take some time out of their busy schedules to document their family at such a fun time in their lives.

Seven-month-old Baby Lucy was such a joy to photograph! From the second they walked into the studio, she was nothing but smiles – and she rocked it throughout her whole shoot! Us Pod Girls often joke about this age being our absolute favorite age to document (although we love all ages for different reasons), but there are a few reasons in particular why we love seven months:

1. The smiles! Babies at this age are beginning to respond to funny sounds, react when they hear their name, and will show off a wide variety of expressions. They fall for all of our peek-a-boos and little tricks which makes for such a fun shoot to show off your baby’s developing personality.

2. Limited mobility. Seven month old babies are generally strong enough to be sitting up on their own – even if it’s just for a few seconds at a time – and are usually only scooting or crawling a little bit. This makes it easier to keep them excited and engaged in picture-taking while showing off their development and strong little legs!

3. Storytelling images. One of my favorite things about this age, is that babies are learning how to pick up and hold onto things. Since we have so many fun props and accessories here at the studio, it’s so fun to have them interacting with the sets to tell a story through their portraits. These also make for beautiful album images!

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