It’s pretty common among moms to document your little peanut at all the big milestones of their first year, which everyone seems to think is always in three month gaps. First is their newborn portraits, then three months, six months, nine months, and then the big one year mark!

But us girls at the studio do things a little bit differently, and that’s because, well.. not all babies are in the same stage at the same time! That’s why we schedule our sessions based on the baby’s development rather than their actual age – that way, not only is the baby a bit more advanced, but you actually end up getting a LOT more out of your session!

The three big milestones we love documenting are:

  1. Tummy Time. Most people think that the best time to capture this exciting phase is at 3 months. But after photographing thousands of babies, we know that 4 months is really the ideal time! It gives baby just a little bit of extra time to practice holding that strong neck and pushing up with those big muscles!
  2. Sitting Up.  Another misconception is that all babies start sitting up at 6 months – and that’s a pretty good estimate. But the same rules apply. That one little month buffer gives baby just a little more practice time to develop those strong tummy muscles and learn to sit strong! So, schedule your baby’s sitting milestone closer to 7 months!
  3. Standing. Generally speaking, it’s good to push your first two milestones out a little bit, but for one year portraits, you’ll actually want to do them about 1-2 months before baby’s birthday. Why? Two reasons! The first is that they’ll probably be trying to pull themselves up and stand around 10-11 months anyway, but also so that you’ll have their photos on time for the big birthday party!

Take a look at this handsome little dude below who came to see us for his 7 month milestone. He did all sorts of cute sets for us – why? Because he was a master at sitting up! So instead of being stressed and strained about supporting his little body, he was all smiles and Mr. Personality!!


If you’re interested in documenting your little one’s big milestones, just give us a call at 310-391-4500 to schedule your consultation. We would love to hear from you!

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